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Garage Door Remote Clicker

Garage Door Remote Clicker

Our company has knowledge about some great garage door service that believes in giving the best service to the residents of the area.

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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

Our services include repair for all garage door parts

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Electric Garage Doors

Electric Garage Doors

We repair garage door parts of all types of doors

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Best residential Liftmaster door opener provider

Before you start garage door repair, take a moment to go through the tips of experts for better and more efficient results.

Automatic openers equal easy life

Press the remote and the door will open or close. Our experts insists that the best thing is the opener features for a safer life.

What are the advantages of glass garage doors

The greatest advantage of glass doors is the sunlight. The garage becomes a cheerful room, where you can spend more time and consume less energy. Glass is modern and increases the value of properties while the use of safety glass can keep you safe. You can have the glass panel tinted for the complete protection of privacy and it doesn't erode over time.

Get remotes with rolling codes

The specialists at Garage Door Repair The Colony would recommend getting remote controls with rolling codes since this system is more reliable and can keep you safe. The codes change every single time the opener is activated and thus they cannot be copied by anyone.

Prevent springs from breaking

The usual lifespan of garage door springs is 10,000 cycles although you will find springs designed to last for less or more time according to the knowledge of our specialists. Good lubrication maintenance and adjustment will keep them strong but it's best to replace them before they complete their lifespan. This way, you can avoid accidents and operation problems with the garage door system.

Using glass garage doors responsibly

Those who utilize glass garage doors need to understand that compared to the normal material used, glass is far more fragile. Our experts suggest that children be taught never to play with it. The use of a garage door opener might also damage a glass garage door because of moving parts.

Planning the length and width of garage doors

The common garage door size for a two-car garage is 16 feet wide and 7 feet tall. You must consider the size of the cars that you own. It is better if it is wide enough to store other things as well. There must be ample space because accidents can occur when parking your car.

Keep your home safe when vacationing

If you going out on vacation, our experts suggest that you unplug your door opener unit or make use of a security switch for vacation lock console. By turning this switch on, you are rendering your remote controls unusable. This is an optional accessory for most garage door openers.

Check the balance of your garage door

Your garage door is a heavy object – a lot heavier than it seems. So, it is a good idea to periodically check if the door is properly balanced. To do so, simply pull the manual release handle and open the door midway. If the door stays open, it is properly balanced. If not, then it’s probably time to contact Garage Door Repair The Colony.

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